Ready To Deceive Your Enemies With precision?

Unlock the power of console-level aim assist on mouse and keyboard with our premium controller emulator, customize settings to optimize your gameplay and dominate the competition.

Note: Deception is only compatible with Playstation & Official Xbox controllers!

Why We Are #1

Main Features

Transform your gaming experience with Deception, the ultimate keyboard to controller emulator/ remapper. Remap Xbox & PlayStation controller's buttons to triggers, pads to paddles, and customize your gaming setup exactly how you wish.

Precision Aim

Deception utilizes our proprietary dead zone technology to amplify your natural aim assist!


Deception's custom dead zone's tweak the bullet recoil pattern is registered better so that the recoil is easier to handle!


Engineered for Speed: Low Latency, High Reliability – Unleash Peak Performance!


By spoofing keyboard and mouse outputs to native Microsoft drivers, our solution seamlessly integrates with all games, ensuring undetectable performance.


Join the Deception community in Discord to unlock a world of powerful macros! Explore rapid fire, unstoppable anti-recoil, automatic pinging, and much more!

Easy Setup

Unlock the easiest path to get started with our hassle-free installation journey! Easy-to-follow video guides are available.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started With Deception


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Choose Your Plan

Unlock the Full Potential of Deception with Our Simple Plans


$30 / month

Buy Monthly
  • A Months Access
  • Comprehensive User Guide
  • Customer Discord Role
  • Custom Config Files
  • Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ, please do not hesitate to contac us.

Deception is an innovative controller spoofer/remapper designed for PC gamers. It allows you to use a mouse and keyboard while benefiting from the native aim assist feature typically available only with controllers. This combination enhances your gaming precision and performance.

Deception works by tricking your PC into recognizing your mouse and keyboard as a controller. This enables the native aim assist functionality, providing you with the accuracy of a mouse alongside the targeting assistance of a controller, giving you a competitive edge in gameplay.

Yes, Deception is very easy to set up. It features a plug-and-play design, meaning you simply need to connect it to your PC, configure your preferences through its user-friendly interface, and start playing. No complex installation processes are required.

Deception is compatible with a wide range of PC games, including the latest AAA titles and many classic games. It supports various genres such as first-person shooters, role-playing games, and more. This versatility makes it an excellent addition to any gamer's setup.

Using Deception can significantly enhance your gaming performance by combining the precision of a mouse with the aim assist feature of a controller. This combination helps improve your targeting accuracy and reaction time, giving you an edge over opponents.
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